Warmly congratulate our company's planting base of Thesium chinense elected as the "Top Ten Anhui Medicine" Demonstration Base


Anhui Provincial has selected a series of Anhui based medicinal herbs plant industry for Promoting the Construction of the "Top Ten Anhui Pharmaceutical" Industrial Demonstration Bases in March 2020. Which was based on comprehensive factors such as the authenticity of the declared varieties, the prospect of industrialization, and the organizational management plus its development planning of the declared enterprises. Our company has been approved successfully as one of the construction unit of the "Top Ten Anhui Medicine" Industrial Demonstration Base with the construction project of "Artificial Planting of Thesium chinense ".

百蕊草最早记载于宋代苏颂所著的《本草图经》。一直以来作为滁州道地药材,具有清热消炎、止咳化痰的功效,增强人体免疫功能,对于急、慢性咽喉炎、气管炎、鼻炎、感冒发热、肺炎等疾病疗效显著。在2011 年《安徽省人民政府办公厅关于“绿色加道地”中药材品牌建设的意见》中,百蕊草就被列为亟需重点仿野生抚育药材,要求“坚持注重品质与扩大规模并重,加快建立道地中药材质量标准,大力推进规范化种植,稳步提高道地中药材产量”。2017年在省政府《安徽省中药产业发展“十三五”规划》中提出“加快发展中药农业”作为重要任务之一,提出“加强中药资源保护,实现永续利用,倾力打造十大皖药和绿色道地品牌”。其中关于中药农业重点项目,提出了要提高百蕊草等野生药用植物品种的仿野生抚育面积和产量。

Thesium chinense was firstly recorded in "Bencao Tujin", a Classical Medical herbs book wrote by Su Song in Song Dynasty. It has been used as a genuine medicinal material in Chuzhou for a long time. With the significant functions on clearing heat, reducing inflammation, relieving cough and removing phlegm and and enhancing human immunity, thus got remarkable treatment fruit on acute and chronic laryngitis, tracheitis, rhinitis, flu fever, pneumonia and other diseases. Thesium chinense was listed as an urgent need for key imitation wild nurturing medicinal materials in the "Opinions of the General Office of Anhui Government on the brand construction of "green plus native" traditional Chinese medicine in 2011,  and was required "pay equal attention to quality and scale expansion, speed up the establishment of quality standards for native traditional Chinese medicine, vigorously promote standardized planting, and steadily improve the output of authentic traditional Chinese medicine". "Accelerating the development of traditional Chinese medicine agriculture" as one of the important tasks was proposed in "The thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry in Anhui Province" in 2017, and proposed "strengthening the protection of traditional Chinese medicine resources, achieving sustainable utilization, and making utmost effort to build the Top Ten Anhui Medicine and green authentic brand ". Among them, regarding the key projects of traditional Chinese medicine agriculture, It is suggested that the simulated the raise on both the wild tending planting area and yield of wild medicinal species such as Thesium chinense.


Our company has been responding to the proposal of the provincial government to overcome an amount of difficulties and continuously increased the investment in research on artificial planting technology of Thesium chinense for many years; Employing senior Chinese herbal medicine planting technicians, and cooperating with national institutes at an all-round multi-projects, which including the signing of long-term cooperative development agreements with the Chinese herbal medicine resource center of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine Academy, with medicinal plants Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences Academy; to carry out research on seed optimization, host selection, planting mode, safety over the summer, quality standards and other related planting specifications. Established large-scale GAP standard Chinese herbal medicine planting bases in Anhui and other provinces,  to specialize in technology research and promotion of “convert wild growth to artificial planting” of Thesium chinense, and the planting mode: "base + company + farmer" has been implemented. 

我司入选 “十大皖药” 产业示范基地,是对我司多年来百蕊草种植研究工作的最好肯定和褒奖。项目的获批,将会逐步使百蕊草人工种植成为影响力大、社会公认度高、市场发展前景广阔的大产业。我们将继续弘扬具有千年璀璨历史的徽药、徽文化,提高对百蕊草资源的综合开发利用能力,为加快我省从中药材资源优势转化为经济优势,提升皖产道地药材品质,打造安徽特色道地药材品牌,加快中药产业转型升级积极贡献力量。

Selected as the "Top Ten Anhui Medicine" Industrial Demonstration Base is the best affirmation and praise for our company's research work on planting Thesium chinense in the past years. The approval of the project will gradually make the artificial planting of Thesium chinense become a large industry with great influence, high social recognition and broad market development prospect. We will continue to promote the spirit of Anhui medicine and Anhui culture which with a splendid history of thousands of years, to improve the comprehensive development and utilization of Thesium chinense resources, to contribute positive forces on accelerating the conversion of our province from the advantages of traditional Chinese medicinal materials resources to economic advantages, improving the quality of authentic medicinal materials in Anhui, and creating Anhui characteristics Authentic Chinese medicine brand, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese medicine industry. 


We plans to further expand the artificial planting area of Thesium chinense In the near future, continuously improve its output and quality, to build the industrial base of artificial planting Thesium chinense, and continue to make our own contributions to promoting the green and standardized planting of "top ten Anhui medicine" varieties and gradually forming the industrial planting advantageous.